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Thank you for visiting Global Trade Advisory.  While retired I am still active in the professional community and would love to hear from you!  

                                                                             Don Smith

Global Trade Advisory provides consulting services to companies involved in international trade, typically importing and exporting companies and banks.

GTA provides training in trade products including commercial and standby letters of credit, incoming and outgoing collections, bank-to-bank reimbursements, bankers’ acceptances, demand guarantees, international standard banking practice, and the rules related to these products. These rules include the Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credits (UCP 600), the International Standby Practices (ISP), Uniform Rules for Collections (URC 522), Uniform Rules for Bank-To-Bank Reimbursements (URR 525), and the Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (URDG 458) and the proposed revision of the Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (URDG 758)

Consulting and training is also available in the areas of Fraud Recognition and Prevention, Risk Mitigation in Trade, Anti-Money Laundering andAnti-Boycott Compliance. Training is available at both the management and staff level and includes the rules, risks and rewards associated with the chosen method of payment.

Working closely with clients and bank’s credit, operations, risk management and regulatory compliance areas in the structuring of transactions, Global Trade Advisory can facilitate a smooth transaction flow. In the rare instance when a transaction goes ‘into the ditch’, Global Trade Advisory can work with the parties to get it back on the road and minimize disruption and delays. Dispute Resolution services are also available.